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The gameshow where contestants become antique experts

Hosted by renowned British gardener and television personality, Alan Titchmarsh, Masterpiece is a unique new game show that takes place in some of the most stunning stately homes across Britain. 

The brand new series, which was the brainchild of Alan himself, sees teams comprised of antique and history fans going head to head in a series of challenges. From valuing antiques to deciphering the age of a collectible, the contestants must use their amateur antique skills to secure their position in the ‘Masterpiece Gallery’. Once they enter the ‘Masterpiece Gallery’, each team must work out which of the three objects on display is the true ‘Masterpiece’, an item so exquisite or rare that it is worth £10,000 or more and add it to their collection. The team that has successfully collected the most ‘Masterpieces’ wins.

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