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Inside Heston's World


Inside Heston's World

This unique SBS series has gained unprecedented access behind the scenes of the world’s most unique restaurant and inside the life and mind of its creator Heston Blumenthal, during a period of extraordinary change for the globally renowned ‘Fat Duck’ restaurant.

Heston Blumenthal has created a culinary world of magic and wonder like nothing else on the planet. His restaurants and creative projects have defined new levels of cookery excellence, and pioneered brand new ways of looking at food. But his world is about to face a challenge like no other... his flagship restaurant, his pride and joy The ‘Fat Duck’, is migrating. Heston is picking up his entire restaurant, staff and facilities, and moving it 10,500 miles to Melbourne, Australia. There he will attempt to not only open, but successfully run his whole food operation in a brand new country for seven months. 

No 3 Michelin starred restaurant has ever attempted such an audacious feat and nobody knows if it will work. This documentary series will spend a year following this remarkable adventure.

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