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Caught On Camera - Season 3


Criminals beware - one way or another you’re going to be Caught On Camera

The best CCTV show on television returns for a third season, with more crime, more exclusive access and an undercover look at how the crimes committed are solved. With almost six millions cameras across the UK, Britain’s network of CCTV cameras is the most sophisticated in the world – revealing more shocking crime than ever before. With top tech used to scan a crime scene, there is a higher likelihood of criminals getting caught and convicted across the UK than ever before.

Journalist Nick Wallis presents us with unbelievable brutality, sinister criminality and high octane smash and grab crimes. All off-set by diligent, fearless and meticulous crime fighters, catching the criminals caught on camera. With unprecedented access to much of the Met, including the police helicopter, plus councils, control rooms and security forces across the country, Caught On Camera continues to paint a crime map of Britain, as well as showing you who and how crime is fought 2015.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Crime

  • Subgenre: Factual

  • Producers: Channel 5


  • Duration: 7 x 60'

  • Tags: Caught CCTV Nick Wallis Criminals

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