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Baby Animals In The Wild

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A day exploring adorable baby animals in their natural habitat

In this series we take a broad range of adorable baby animals and showcase their really wild behaviours in spectacular natural habitats.

Each episode begins with the morning sunrise and follows the adorable animals over a 24-hour period. With a total of 8 episodes, each featuring between 10 and 20 baby animals, this series definitely has the cute factor. We witness milestones and day to day activities such as feeding, nurturing, grooming, playing, napping and exploring their natural habitat with mum or dad.

The series is structured to include diurnal (day), crepuscular (dawn and dusk) and nocturnal (night) animals and features a wide spectrum of species including reptiles, birds and mammals. Humorous commentary throughout episodes includes ‘comedic ‘oops’ moments, light drama with lurking predators, threats of isolation, and weather risks (rain, storm, snow) to name a few. 


The Baby Animals Collection:

Baby Animals In The Wild - 10 x 60' or 20 x 30'

Baby Animals In Our World - 10 x 60' or 20 x 30'

Baby Animals Around The World - 10 x 60'

Baby Animals & Friends - 10 x 60'

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