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Black Widows - Season 2


When your mid-life crisis is pure murder, life will never be the same again

Black Widows season two follows on from the first season when we saw three desperate wives, Veera, Johanna and Kirsi try and kill off their husbands in a boat explosion, which didn’t go quite according to plan. Now, Jukka, the surviving husband, has just learned that his wife and the other women were behind the explosion...and goes missing. Soon the widows realise that someone is trying to kill them. But is it Jukka or some unknown party? Who is threatening them and how can they make it stop?

Veera still wants an ordinary life, Johanna her independence and Kirsi her dolce vita, but you can’t always get what you want.

The women’s mutual trust is put to a real test and the relationships get even more complicated. 

Programme Information

  • Genre: Crime

  • Subgenre: Drama

  • Producers: Moskito Television

  • Broadcaster: Nelonen

  • Duration: 12 x 60'

  • Tags: Widows Murder Crime Conspiracy

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