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Summer Boat Mystery, The - FORMAT


A romantic, funny crime drama from one of the world’s most beautiful sea journeys

A veteran charter ship is heading for the harbour town Vadsø on the northern most coast of Norway. Among a crew of six, the chef suddenly goes missing. This is a big mystery since the ship has been on the open sea all night. In Vadsø harbour a large group of guests and celebrities are waiting along with the rest of the crew. Among them is the young police trainee Moses. He has been informed that a person is missing but none of the crew admits to have called
the police. Moses soon realises that they are all hiding something. He is confused; the crew seem so genuine, but everyone is lying to him. Why?

Eight weeks, 41 episodes, from the far north to the far south, ending up in Oslo. The investigation continues throughout the journey. What happened the night that the chef went missing? And who was he really? He does not exist in any records. 

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