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Very British Problems - Season 1


Why do they spend so much of their lives apologizing to inanimate objects?

Very British Problems is a celebratory new talking heads show, which sees some of Britain’s most famous faces share the struggle against the endless capacity of social awkwardness which comes with being British. Originating from a Twitter account and narrated by Julie Walters, the show features contributions from James Cordon, Jonathan Ross, Freddie Flitoff, Nigel Havers and Stephen Mangan and insights from non- Brits Rich Hall and Aisling Bea. 

Why can Brits be furious enough to tut, but shudder at the thought of complaining? And how come they are inherently able to decipher the unwritten codes and riles of British behaviour that the rest of the world doesn’t understand or even know about? 

Each prime time, 60 minute programme is divided into six main subject maters: Office Politics, Clothes Shopping, The Weather, Waiter Woes, Queues and Other People. 

Programme Information

  • Genre: Factual Entertainment

  • Subgenre: Celebrity

  • Producers: Alaska

  • Broadcaster: Channel 4 UK

  • Duration: 3 x 60'

  • Tags: Twitter Unwritten codes Problems

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