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Delivery Man, The

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A male midwife making his way in a woman’s world

Newly qualified midwife Matthew Bunting (Darren Boyd) is the first male midwife to hit the Easthill Park Maternity Unit. In his mid-30s, ex-policeman Matthew is hoping to find something more meaningful in his life, some enduring satisfaction.

Arriving as a junior midwife, Matthew inevitably makes an instant impact on fellow midwives (Fay Ripley and Aisling Bea) and patients alike. There is constant conflict with consultant obstetrician Mr Edward (Alex Macqueen) but Matthew finds an ally by helping his hapless best pal Ian (Paddy McGuinness) find a job as a hospital security guard. In this light-hearted comedy we not only see the precious gift of new life but also the developing lives and trials of our characters as they face everyday - and extraordinary - challenges! 

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