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Plebs - Season 2


The award-winning series returns for more mayhem

Since Series 1 the world has indeed progressed (from 27BC to 26BC) but Marcus, Stylax and slave Grumio have made no strides whatsoever. Not domestically, not financially and certainly not romantically.

Marcus’s ongoing crush Cynthia is still next door, and still ignoring his advances, with her own slave Metella on hand with a sarcastic quip to keep Marcus at bay. Stylax wants Marcus to give up on her and move on so that they can realise their dreams of being “the big men of Rome”. For Stylax this also means becoming a champion charioteer. Who cares if he doesn’t own a chariot and can’t drive?

Their fearsome boss Flavia is still running the office and, for the first time we meet her husband, Cornelius. Meanwhile, water-pouring colleague, Aurelius is getting married and looking for a best man.

Episode 1 – THE CHARIOT
When the boys win big at a chariot race it looks like their fortunes might have taken a turn for the better. Stylax decides to reinvent himself as a charioteer while Marcus prefers to spend his money on romantic pursuits. Grumio gets nothing.

Episode 2 – THE BEST MEN
Marcus is unexpectedly asked to be best man for the upcoming wedding of Aurelius (waterboy) and sets about organising his stag do. Stylax takes chariot lessons from a volatile driving instructor and Grumio gets caught up in Landlord’s drug dealing.

Episode 3 – THE BABY
While doing the recycling, Grumio finds a baby behind the bins and takes it home to raise as his own. Stylax uses it to strike up a relationship with an attractive young wet nurse. Meanwhile, Marcus tries to avoid seeing Cynthia’s painfully boring one-woman play.

Episode 4 – THE PATRON
Grumio falls ill after eating an apple on the loo. Marcus refuses to pay for his medical treatment preferring instead to go with Cynthia’s remedy of candlelight and prayer. Stylax strikes up a rapport with a rich nobleman Gaius who agrees to fund his charioteering career.

Episode 5 – THE NEW SLAVE
The boys buy an eccentric slave called Mushki at an auction. Grumio finds his position in the household gradually usurped, as Marcus is impressed by the new guy. But Stylax has a sneaking suspicion that Mushki might be a psychopath.

It’s a public holiday in Rome for the local elections. Marcus and Stylax sign up as hired clappers for wig-wearing politician Victor of the Gracchii. Grumio however is drawn towards another candidate Julius Priscus who’s giving away free promotional plums.

Episode 7 – THE PHALLUS
The boys bump into Fabianus a school friend who’s living the high life as a hotshot lawyer in Rome. At his party, Stylax reconnects with an old flame Cordelia and Grumio has an accident with a statue’s phallus.

Episode 8 – THE RACE
Marcus is stressed because the girls will soon be deported unless they raise 3000 denarii. Stylax thinks they should bet their savings on him winning an underground chariot race. Grumio visits Landlord in prison through a sewage pipe.

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