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Great Interior Design Challenge


Your home in our hands

Get ready for action and creativity in a whole new way as 16 Danish celebrities show a different side to themselves.

Each week two well-known celebrities will compete with the help of their friends to renovate an ordinary home, turning it into something extraordinary. They will have a week to completely make-over their homes, which although identical the approaches will very much be worlds apart.

The families who own these homes will get the chance to influence the celebrities on their thoughts on having the perfect home. However it will be down to the celebrities to implement their styles and tastes with 10,000 Danish Crowns and only 10 hours to complete the job.

Interior architect Lisbett Wedendahl and expert craftsman John Villads will assess the professionalism as hammers are swung and tantrums thrown. However the true test will come when all is revealed to the families and the week’s winner is crowned.

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