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A hilarious comedy about those we live closest to and see you every day….our neighborus!

Maria and Jonas Kvaale are a true couple of the city: used to the carefree and independent life, where you have everything at your doorstep, you don’t know your next door neighbour and you are protected by the bubble of anonymity. 

But life for our couple all changes, when they decide to start a family, pack up and move to a small town.  Suddenly, from an anonymous and free existence in the big city, they are thrust into a world where everyone knows your business and taking an active part in the community is the name of the game. 

Settling into their new home Maria and Jonas are soon caught in between two rival families, the Pedersens and Kopperuds, both vying for the attention of the new arrivals. The Pedersens are a well-established but down to earth family with two children, struggling with all the familiar challenges that modern parents experience. The Kopperuds on the other hand are the seemingly perfect family, rich, beautiful and successful. In between these families, Maria and Jonas attempt to integrate themselves by trying to be the perfect good neighbours! But the gap between Maria and Jonas`s desire to master their new life and what they actually achieve is hilariously vast and things do not always go to plan. 

As the couple juggle the challenges of building a family in an idyllic setting and learning to master their new life they must observe rule number one: love your neighbour…or at least try! Side by Side is a warm and fast-paced comedy about relationships and the quirks of modern life featuring broad humour and recognizable situations.

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