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Strange Empire

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Tragedy, struggle and the search for justice on the North American frontier


Introducing a powerful and dynamic drama following three strong and independent women who join forces to seek a new way of life in the perilous and dangerous world of the 1860’s North American Frontier.

Set in a remote town, the hopes and dreams of a wide and diverse group of people intermingle in transit to a new life. When a horrific attack occurs and all the men are brutally murdered, the lives of the three women are forced together to run this new society and bring the perpetrators of the massacre to justice.   

At first, the captivating stories of Kat, Isabelle and Rebecca seem to sit as polar opposites to each other, but as their circumstances collide, the women form a delicate union that will see them take control and lead the town to keep trouble and corruption at bay. Strange Empire pulls the focus of a traditionally male drama genre onto the women, to thrilling effect. Beautifully filmed and crafted, this is premium drama rich in character and adventure.

Link to microsite: http://strangeempire.paperdog.eu/




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