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Never Ever Do This At Home Canada - Season 2


The danger continues as Teddy and Norm return for even bigger explosions and risks.

The fireworks continue as dangerously unqualified hosts Teddy Wilson and Norm Sousa are back and eager to challenge the safety warnings that surround us.

With a brand new house that comes with a bonus hunting cabin and a pond provides more ammo for experimentation as curiosity overrides caution.

Every product, activity and appliance comes with a warning. They are meant to protect us, yet strangely, the majority of accidents happen in and around the home, where we're supposed to feel safe. But what happens when you deliberately ignore these health and safety warnings? Is it really as dangerous as we are made to believe? Don't we all secretly want to see what happens...

Enter Teddy and Norm who in season 2 will up the ante with their own brand of crazy stunts all the while explaining the science behind the experiment. We'll encounter them as they paint the house with a canon, cook snacks using a washer and dryer and even inflate a bouncy castle indoors.

When this uproarious duo conspires, their seemingly endless and reckless creativity reveals the science behind the risks and further demonstrates why you should Never Ever Do This At Home.

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