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Never Ever Do This At Home Norway - Season 3


Per and Rune are back with a bigger house and even bigger experiments!

Per and Rune have moved into a new house for the third season and will again test out what you should never ever do at home.

They will lace the house with explosives, make black powder on the kitchen counter and even use the the chimney as a canon as once again they test out what we shouldn't.

With a brand new house and with more objects to cause damage to Per and Rune won't just be confined within the four walls but they will even look beyond to see what else they could experiment with? They will see if they can crush a caravan with a giant plastic bag and vacuum cleaner and they'll also find out what would happen if they release gas into a candle-lit room?

Science and entertainment once again blend for more elaborate testing.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Entertainment

  • Subgenre: Events

  • Producers: NRK

  • Broadcaster: NRK

  • Duration: 7 x 30'

  • Tags: Danger Science Home

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