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Never Ever Do This At Home Norway - Season 2


Daring host Per and practical joker Rune return for an explosive second season.

Per and Rune return with a brand new arsenal of canons, whipped cream and even cockroaches as they take the experiments to the next level!

The second season will take us on a visually thrilling and yet outrageous journey so you at home don't have to. Per and Rune won't just ponder some of life's greatest daring mysteries, they will test them; how many household objects could you smash when bringing ten pin bowling into the home? And what would travel further when strapped to a rocket a kettle or a toaster? They will also find out what would happen if you actually run with scissors?

The warning labels continue to be challenged and the crazy stunts become wilder as the ante is upped all in the name of science and entertainment.

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