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Mother And Daughter - FORMAT


There is nothing like the bond between a mother and daughter...

In this format we search across the nation for a mother and daughter duo full of charisma and bound by a strong, loving relationship.

The pairs are chosen from an intense audition process. After national casting, 16 pairs are then tested both physically and psychologically. Intensive individual and team challenges assess the pairs’ strengths and weaknesses. Finally, the viewers then elect the seven highest performing pairs who move into a house together for the remainder of the competition. 

Each episode will focus on a specific theme - such as courage, love or appearance – and whilst fighting for the title of the best Mother and Daughter, they will have the opportunity to raise a sum of money for charities of their through a number of contests. One week they might have to guide each other through a complex obstacle course, whilst blindfolded, to test interaction and trust. In the next episode the competition may be about intelligence – will the pairs be smarter working as one or as individuals? 

Ahead of the epic weekly showdown, the contestants must then learn a new skill based on the week’s topic. They will only have 24 hours to study before presenting their new talent to the group! 

At the end of every week, we say goodbye to one pair until only four remain to battle it out in a vibrant catwalk contest. But it’s not that simple. The finalists must compete against the eight previously eliminated pairs who are given a second chance to claim the crown as the ultimate mother and daughter. The winning pair receives a prestigious modelling contract and a fantastic vacation.

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