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Time Team Documentaries 2006


A selection of Time Team documentaries from 2006.

Britain's Lost Roman Circus

In this Time Team Special , Tony Robinson, Phil Harding and Guy de la Bedoyere tell the story of the discovery and investigate the history of the Roman circus. They explore the rough, tough world of chariot racing.

Buried by the Blitz

During World War II, the Blitz destroyed countless homes, factories and civil defences. Dorchester Street in Shoreditch was one of thousands of streets in London that were bombed constantly, and was finally hit by a V2 long-range rocket bomb.

How do today’s residents react when they are brought face to face with the reality of bomb damage? Time Team illuminates the finds with real memories as former residents are brought back to relive their experiences of the dark days of the 1940's.

Pugin: The God of Gothic

Augustus Pugin designed the Houses of Parliament. He designed cathedrals, churches and grand country houses. He created furniture, lighting and wallpaper. His mid-19th-century ideas about what ordinary houses should look like are hugely influential today.

Tony Robinson, with the help of experts like Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud, follows the renovation and visits many of Pugin’s buildings. He discovers how in just 20 working years, Pugin changed the face of the country.

Journey to Stonehenge

Stonehenge may be Britain’s most famous henge: a massive monument and ancient construction that is shrouded in mystery. But a mile away is an even bigger henge: Durrington Walls. In a major excavation this summer, archaeologists linked the two monuments and revealed an extraordinary and sophisticated picture of Stone Age life.

Time Team takes on the mammoth task of building a full-size replica. It is impressive and the theories flow thick and fast. Could the midwinter alignment mean this may be the first recorded “Christmas”, 2,500 years before Christ was born?

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