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Time Team America - Season 2


Uncovering the secrets of America's most intriguing historic sites.

Time Team America tracks the adventure as archaeologists race against time to excavate historic sites across the country.The team has three days to uncover buried secrets using the latest technology, decades of expertise and their own sharp wits.

Join host Justine Shapiro and the team as they dig, scrape and sift through centuries of soil to recover precious clues to our past.

Far from the comfort of a museum or science lab, the team faces searing heat, driving rain, alligator infested swamps, frayed nerves and inevitable technical setbacks.

In season 2 the team dig up the Bones of Badger Hole. These bison roamed the Oklahoma plains 10,000 years ago. What do their skeletons tell us about the hunting strategies of our ancestors?

The team also combs the grounds of the Lost Civil War Prison unearthing the abandoned belongings of the guards and prisoners who fled this stockade as General Sherman approached.

Time Team America even excavate the Lost Pueblo Village, home to an ancient people who discovered farming, pottery and the bow and arrow.

Peer over the shoulders of the archaeologists at work, eavesdrop on the intense conversations and share the rush of discovery as artifacts emerge form the ground.

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