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Let's go back one hundred years and stay for 60 days!

For anybody who has ever dreamed of the simple country life, The Farm is their chance to discover what it’s really like. Six women and six men are thrown together to survive as farmers without any of the luxuries we all take for granted, including running water, electricity, sewerage, modern toilets and mobile phones. The format holds something real at its core, both in terms of human relations and the competition, it touches on our history and of course it’s highly addictive and entertaining.

As a global hit, The Farm has attracted vast audiences ever since its premiere in 2001. Viewers in over 50 territories have been entertained and thrilled for over a decade.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Formats

  • Subgenre: Entertainment

  • Producers: Strix

  • Broadcaster: TV4 A.B. (Sweden)

  • Duration: 30'

  • Tags: Farm Rural Country

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