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Two twenty something couples prep for marriage comparing one another's relationships pre-marriage

Two couples; Sam and Rachel from Wigan and Tony and Serena from Liverpool havenever met, but they do have one thing in common. They are both planning to tiethe knot….but there’s a problem. In the UK if you get married under 30, you’re far more likely to end up divorced than any other age group. Getting marriedhas never been so risky for Britain’s twenty somethings. So if these two couples want to ensure they go the distance who better to turn to than someone inexactly the same boat? In this exciting new format for BBC3 both couples agree to spend 7 days in each other’s lives. But this is no holiday. Each couple is on a fact finding mission to discover the potential pitfalls in each other’s relationship. They’ll spend time in each other’s homes, quiz each other’s friends and families and assess what the other couple’s wedding plans and hen and stag nights say about their relationship At the end of an intense week together each couple will deliver a verdict on each other’s impending marriages…a brutally honest assessment they would never hear from family and friends that could impact whether these two couples go from just being nearly weds, to being really weds. After airing on BBC3 the ratingsproved the following: Average share: 1.93 Average Viewers: 451 (000) Beating the slot average

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