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For Better Or For Worse - FORMAT


The reality of life long after the wedding

Getting married is one of the highs of life. An announcement reflects the happiest day ever for the newlyweds and hope for lifetime love. But what happens when the wedding frenzy has calmed down, when the first infatuation is over and reality knocks on the door?

This emotional format tells the stories of different couples who had their announcements in the paper seven years ago. What has happened since the wedding? Who divorced and who are still married? Has reality teared them apart or has their love grown stronger than ever? What is their relation like today? Each episode follows the same structure – starting off with remembering the emotions and expectations of the big day. It then turns into reality with the couples telling their different stories that are recognized by graphics and color and are divided in three parts, the remembering of the wedding, the marriage, how it turned out and where the couples stand today. The actual announcements also play a vital part of the series as starting and ending points. Every episode stands alone and contains three couples which we cross cut with interviews and reality. We keep the tension by not revealing what happened until the very end. Our mission with every story is to dig deep down and really touch the viewer.

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