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Medicine on the Edge

Filmed in stunning HD, the result is a beautiful and very candid two-part series revealing the immense highs and very real lows of the doctors and nurses as they treat victims of rebel attacks and endemic illness with the bare minimum of resources and without any of the creature comforts of home. Episode one In the first episode, we meet the charismatic staff of Dungu hospital in the North of the country as they treat a variety of cases including a hunter mauled by a wild pig, a young AIDS orphan, undertake an emergency Caesarian and pioneer a new surgical technique as they operate on a group of men and women who have been mutilated by a local rebel group. We meet Thanya, a young and idealistic nurse from Lebanon, mischevious Frenchman Claude (the 'grandpa of MSF') and the strong-minded new head surgeon, Jean, who causes quite a stir as he arrives to lead the local surgical team.

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