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Shameless - Season 9


Acclaimed, original and hilarious primetime comedy series returns for its ninth series

Season 9 sees Chatsworth in times of Austerity: The Underbelly Strikes Back! The opening two part story sees the Gallaghers (and half the Chatsworth) evicted, as part of a Multi-Agency crackdown on housing estates and benefits culture - filmed prior to the explosion of rioting across the UK last summer, (ahead of the news cycle!!) this is the Chatsworth fighting back, refusing to bear the brunt of cuts, standing up for Community - as Frank Gallagher screams at the climax: "Society is Dead, Long Live Society!" Across this all-new season, the Chatsworth Buccaneers endure the pillaging of babies, euthanasia Shameless-style, rape, bullying, love in a wheel-chair, whole-sale theft of prescription drugs, and auditions for hookers in Lillian's brothel; not to mention regulars trapped in an underground Sewer collapse, shocking infidelity, heart attacks amongst the young, Freeganomics, a Dangerous Liaisons-style sex-bet, the arrival of three new central characters (a defrocked priest, his beautiful sister, and a Maguire neice), and one of our Regulars joining the boys in blue; and don't forget Funeral Crashers, open relationships, a Bad Lieutenant who comes back to haunt Jamie, a life-or-death bad trip for Kelly Ball, a new owner in the Shop, an internet sensation...and the rest. Just a regular Spring on the Chatsworth. Shameless Redux; Shameless Rebooted; Shameless Revolutionary. Shameless is back

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