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Death Unexplained


Investigating where, when and how people have died

Rich, poor, young, old - whatever the walk of life, death doesn’t discriminate. And if it is sudden, suspicious, unexplained or unnatural, the Coroner’s Court will investigate it. With unprecedented access to one of the busiest Coroner’s jurisdictions in the country, this three part observational documentary series will follow Her Majesty’s Coroner for West London, Alison Thompson and her team as they investigate the 4,000 or so unexplained deaths that end up on their slate – literally – every year. Every unexplained death is unique. Whether it’s a freakish industrial accident involving a vat of boiling soup; deadly poisonings using obscure Asian herbs; sexual games that have gone badly wrong; stowaways that have dropped out of 747s into suburban Surrey; police shootings; deaths in custody; tourists falling from balconies in the Costa del Sol; cosmetic surgery with deadly consequences… the West London Coroner and her officers have seen it all. By combining cutting-edge forensic science with good old-fashioned detective work, it’s their job to find the clues to solve the puzzle of where, when and how each death happened. And in delving deeper into each unexplained death, Alison and her team often find out far more than has previously know about people’s lives too.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Factual

  • Subgenre: Medical


  • Broadcaster: BBC

  • Duration: 3 x 60'

  • Tags: Death Coroner Forensic

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