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Small Time Gangster - Season 1


The story of one man's secret double-life

Tony Piccolo is an underworld enforcer, a veteran standover man, the best in the business. His wife and kids have no idea – they think he’s a carpet cleaner! Tony’s problems begin when he accidentally kills a friend from his criminal family. He suffers a major crisis. Tony becomes an enforcer with a conscience. He’s lost his nerve – and if word hits the street, he’s a dead man. Tony decides he wants out. He needs to get out. But it’s not that easy… in this line of work, when you literally know where the bodies are buried, upper management doesn’t take kindly to early retirement. They favour a more permanent redundancy package. And his wife Cathy won’t be too happy either! Tony’s going to have to be very careful. He’s gotta pick the kids up from school – and get milk – and he’s gonna need more bullets. Executive Producer: Ewan Burnett

Producers: Andrew McInally & Gareth Calverley

Series Writers: Gareth Calverley & Joss King;

Director: Jeffrey Walker Starring: Steve Le Marquand (Tony Piccolo);

Sacha Horler (Cathy Piccolo); Geoff Morrell (Les Walker); Gia Carides (Darlene); Gary Sweet (Barry Donald); Jared Daperis (Charlie Donald) Scripted format available

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