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Doc Martin France - Season 1


Based on the UK’s #1 drama – Bonjour, Doc Martin

TF1’s Doc Martin stars the celebrated and hugely popular actor Thierry Lhermitte as Martin Le Fol. The screenplay by Eric and Kristy Stephane Kazandjian is based on ITV’s number 1 rating primetime family drama by the same name, which is produced by Buffalo Pictures. The French scripted-format production of ITV1 drama “Doc Martin” launched on TF1 on Monday 10 January at 8.45pm with a two-hour premiere, achieving a 33% share audience with almost 9 million viewers. (Source: Mediametrie) Episode 1 Famous surgeon at the Universityof Lyon, Hospital Dr. Martin Le Foll suddenly develops a phobia of blood. Oneyear later, we find him working as a GP in the small village Breton port ofPort-Garrec. Doc Martin is struggling to adaptto the very special population of the town. Here everyone says what they think…And the new GP is no exception. The first medical case thatMartin is presented with disturbs the calm of Port-Garrec, as an officer of thenavy commandos has a surprising condition: he has breasts! Other similar casesare brought before the doctor. And he can’t help but think – why is he here? Episode 2 Dr. Martin Le Foll is strugglingto adapt to the wacky characters living in Port-Garrec, starting withClementine, his totally incompetent medical secretary. One day, her ignorance and incapacityand inability to complete her work leaves the life of a sick child in realdanger. Soon the whole city league against him, accusing him of mishandling thecase of a much loved little girl. Martin begins to call into question hisdecision to move to Port-Garrec. Episode 3 A Town Called Panic. A stomach bugsweeps the village and patients fill Martin's surgery. Martin appears on thelocal radio station in an attempt to alert the village to a potential healthscare, but his efforts backfire. Thesevere bug means the village should be quarantined, but will that ruin thetourist season? Episode 4 Martin is treating a friend ofEdward, the game keeper, only to discover that the friend is in fact a giantimaginary squirrel. The real patient is Edward himself, but he hid behind thecharacter because he was too embarrassed to talk about it. The most surprising is that Martin for thewhole town is aware of and complicit in the gamekeeper’s madness. But that'snot all: at a village fete the depressive police officer proves to be a sexfiend. All this perplexes the Doc as he wonders if the people of Port-Garrecare really the sort of people he wants to be around. Episode 5 Love lands in Port-Garrec andMartin doesn’t know where to turn. He needs to fend off the all-consumingpassion, while protecting his Aunt when an old love of hers returns. It’s all abit awkward, and Doc doesn’t know how to find out if teacher Julie has feelingsfor him too. Episode 6 The villagers in Port-Garrecdiscover the Doc’s phobia of blood. Debate rages: Should he remain the GP ofthe village? Then a young boy, Antoine, is in an accident that forces the Docto overcome his fears and surprise the whole village. Will this also be hischance to win Julie’s heart? And will he seize the opportunity if he does?

Programme Information

  • Genre: Drama

  • Subgenre: Comedy

  • Producers: EGO PRODUCTIONS

  • Broadcaster: TF1- Television Francaise

  • Duration: 6 x 60'

  • Tags: Doc Martin France

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