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Can a guy dress you and impress you?

Three candidates with completely different lifestyles and backgrounds have to impress a member of the opposite sex they have never met and know nothing about, with a new outfit. They will have to buy a complete outfit from tip to toe, from sunglasses to shoes. Accompanied by a presenter and a sophisticated Style Guide they will select garments – but will they suit the ‘date’ or give off the wrong impression about what they look for in a partner? The ‘date’ then tries the three outfits and decides which one she likes best or which style makes her most curious about the guy who created it. The creator of the chosen outfit will be lucky enough to wine and dine the lovely ‘date; and hope it turns into a budding romance.

Key Format Points Target audience for fashion and luxury goods sponsors Unobtrusive sponsoring and product placement potential Low production budget Interactive website & mobile applications Ukraine

Produced by Trevano for K1

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