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One of the main candidates for the title of the most important artist there’s been.

As the reluctant father of Impressionism, and the painter of Dejeuner sur L’Herbe, Manet can probably be accused of inventing modern art. But his story is fascinating on many other levels. Nevertheless none of it would matter a jot were it not for the revolutionary art it provoked and coloured. Manet was a born rebel, in his art and in his life. Always cited as the father of the impressionists, he stubbornly refused to show with them, and was careful to maintain an aesthetic distance from Monet, Renoir and the others. They worshipped him whilst he looked down on them. Using the life of Manet as his narrative arc, Waldemar Januszczak, will tell the story of a complex and difficult man who started a revolution that continues to rumble on today. Some pieces of Manet’s revolutionary output are justly famous, but most of it is not. By some strange quirk of serendipity, Manet’s full story has never been told before in a major television documentary.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Arts

  • Subgenre: Culture

  • Producers: ZCZ FILMS LIMITED

  • Broadcaster: BBC

  • Duration: 1 x 90'

  • Tags: Art Waldemar Impressionism

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