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Basic Instinct - FORMAT


A simple yet clever entertainment format that presents a more revealing inside look at celebrities than your average chat show.

In each episode our host is joined by two celebrity guests who play against each other in a series of games which have one key thing in common: they test the guests intuition, not knowledge!

Each episode sees the celebrity guests being faced with a series of amusing 'guess who/what?' games based on a set of pre-recorded V.Ts with real people on the street/at a location created especially for each celebrity guest.

Examples of games:

(VT questions are designed specifically for the celebrity guests who play a minimum of 4 each)

- A celebrity guest who is addicted to shopping is shown a VT of 3 women - the celebrity must guess which has this biggest credit card bill

- A celebrity guest who is known for his perfect body is shown a VT of 3 guys who supposedly go to the gym. He is asked to identify which one actually does go to the gym from headshots alone

- Two comedian guests are asked which of three girls on the VT has the craziest laugh

- A celebrity model who is married to a footballer is shown a VT and asked to opint out which one of the guys is a professional footballer

- A celebrity guest who used to be a nude model is shown a VT with three clothed girls. She has to identify which of the gilrs is actually a nude model

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