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Murder at Canal Road


What happens when the psychiatrist becomes the patient? That's the problem for Spence McKay struggling to get his life back on track following the death of his wife and son in a car crash.

Taking time out from his thriving private practice, Spence helps out at a free clinic in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. He is stunned when he runs into the man responsible for the crash, now out on bail. Spence steals a gun and with the muzzle pressed against his forehead, the man blurts out that it was no accident … that Spence’s wife and son were killed deliberately. In an instant his world tumbles yet further down the dark and twisted slope into the abyss....that his family was ‘murdered’...and he must avenge his loved ones. It’s a quest that will take him to the brink. He will uncover a tangled web of murder, corruption and high level cover ups, that will ultimately cause the death of the only other woman in his life and put at extreme risk anyone to whom he becomes close. Compelling drama, fast action, tantalising locations...Murder at Canal Road From the network that brought us the international hit Sea Patrol and the phenomenal Underbelly, comes Murder at Canal Road – a murder, mystery mini-series. Nine Film & TV Pty for Nine Network

Programme Information

  • Genre: Drama

  • Subgenre: Series

  • Producers: n/a

  • Broadcaster: n/a

  • Duration: 5 x 60'

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