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In 2004 an extraordinary sexual phenomenon started to take place

The blog was coming of age. Hundreds of thousands of people were signing up to use simple self publishing software that allowed them to keep an online diary, not a diary kept in a drawer for the author’s eyes only, but a diary that could be read by the entire world wide web, with the most sensational being the confessional female sex blog. The film tells the story of the most explicit female sex blogger, Girl With A One Track Mind author Abby Lee, whose graphic sexual misadventures drew an online readership of quarter of a million a month and were published as a best selling book in 2006. Abby takes the audience into the previously inaccessible world of the anonymous female sex blogger and we meet the hottest of them, including the legendary Bitchy Jones, for a series of hilarious and downright saucy accounts of why they feel an insatiable urge to blog about their sex lives. The film travels to the States to tell the story of Washington sex blogger Jessica Cutler, the Capitol Hill Senator's aide who unveiled her salacious exploits amid the US government's corridors of power before being sensationally exposed and causing a political scandal.   Finally a unique insight into the global sex phenomenon of 'women writing dirty' comes in the form of an invite to a Sex Bloggers Tea Party. There, over the Darjeeling and Strawberry Shortcake, a group of this alternate sex world’s most famous confessional bloggers discuss their insatiable libidos, how to get their reader’s off in 4 paragraphs and why the Internet has revolutionised Sex In The Noughties.

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