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Choir: Boys Don't Sing, The - Season 2



Across the country, studies show that singing in schools is dwindling – and it’s teenage boys that are the problem. Broken voices, the fear of being called ‘gay’ and an obsession with rap are just some of the reasons why singing your heart out or joining a choir isn’t what the cool boys do. Now Choirmaster Gareth Malone wants to stop the rot, and in Leicester’s Lancaster Boy’s School he’s found the ultimate challenge. With 1250 rowdy teenage lads, it’s one of the biggest all-boy comprehensives in the country … but amid the noise of boisterous male youth the sound of singing is not to be heard. Behind the teenage machismo, Gareth believes that there’s a world of untapped talent to be discovered, and for two academic terms he’s offering his services as a part-time music specialist. His dream? To get the whole school singing and to and put in place a musical legacy that will last for years. But it’s not going to be easy: at Lancaster there’s no singing at assembly, no school choir and worst of all, the staff don’t even think it’s a problem. In Boys Don’t Sing, he’ll be pushed right out of his comfort zone as he joins the school as a member of staff at the start of the summer term. If Gareth’s successful then Lancaster School – and its boys – could be transformed. But it’ll take every ounce of his passion and commitment.

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