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Smack The Pony - Season 2


The wacky female led comedy returns for its second successful series

Take the banal, the irrelevant and the downright silly, add a female perspective, pour in a hefty dose of comic timing, stir well, and what do you get? Smack the Pony.

The team of Sally Phillips, Doon MacKichan and Fiona Allen offer their own twist on female girl power as they humorously take you through the twists and turns of what it is to be female.

Catch a mixture of one-off and recurring sketches including Dating Agency Videos, The Fake Diabetic, The Oblivious Women, Competitive Rivals and The Ex.

Oh and just in case you were wondering when comedians started parodying pop music videos - these girls were some of the forerunners.

It's weird, surreal and downright dirty.

Join this band of comedic actors as they attempt to tickle your funny bone.

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