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Smack The Pony - Season 1


Britain’s top female comics pool their talent in an all-women comedy sketch show.

Stylish, original and utterly uninhibited, these comedians each take their inspiration from a variety of strong female characters.

Ferocious femme fatales, accident-prone bus drivers and desperate man-hunting thirtysomethings all feature in hilarious spoofs and send-ups. A wacky New Age therapist inflicts real pain on her unsuspecting patient with a truly over-the-top treatment and a Torville and Dean ice-dancing couple get a little over excited while waiting for their scores.

It’s not strictly a no-boy zone – there is some strong male support in evidence – and the girls’ brand of subtly surreal humour appeals to men and women alike.


Sarah Alexander (Green Wing, Coupling, Teachers) Sally Phillips (Notting Hill, Hyperdrive, Green Wing) Doon Mackichan (Brass Eye, Churchill: The Hollywood Years, Nathan Barley) Fiona Allen (24 Hour Party People, Shameless, Skins)

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