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In this much anticipated follow-up to the award-winning first series of Shameless, we return to Chatsworth Council Estate for more candid revelations and peculiar adventures with the fun-loving Gallagher clan.

Charting the wickedly unpredictable chapters of family life, Shameless tells the everyday story of life with, the Gallaghers. From episode one, Shameless throws up a world of sexual adventures, triumphs, love, scams and a fair bit of crime on the Manchester housing estate – where wheel-less cars are the norm and the moving ones are stolen.

Head of the Gallagher family in name only, is Dad Frank – unruly, colourful, self-pitying, comic, selfish, and an unemployed, alcoholic bully – a model father… The Gallagher kids are being raised by their 20-year-old big sister Fiona since Mum went awol and Dad hit the bottle.

Lip, 16 – good looking, street-wise, gobby lad around town on the verge of (finally) losing his virginity; and Ian, 15 – actively gay, who keeps his private life very private. Siblings Debbie plus baby Liam round off the highly un-orthodox yet extremely tightly knit family.

Frank is now expecting his seventh kid with Valium-fuelled lover Sheila. On the back of a fiddled insurance claim the Gallagher children have extended their home into next door.

Fiona and Steve are now hopeful for a bit of privacy in the West Wing, while Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl and Liam cause havoc back east. One big happy family. Well, big anyway...

In the Christmas Special, Lip nearly poisons all his neighbours when he sells the frugal housewives of the estate some 'special' meat he nicked from the back of a truck.

Also available:

Series 1: 7 x 60'

Series 3: 7 x 60' & 1 x 65'

Series 4: 7 x 60' & 1 x 76'

Series 5: 16 x 60'

Series 6: 16 x 60'

Series 7: 16 x 60'

Series 8: 22 x 60'

'…the TV equivalent of being on a dipper, twisting and diving until it deposits you at the final credits wondering how an hour passed so quickly.' - The Times 

'Rollicking, rambunctious and rude - an instant classic. Magnificent' - Evening Standard 

'Watch it. Tape it. Tell your friends' - The Observer 

'The best new dramedy of the decade. No words could sufficiently express the very goodness of this. Genius' - The Guardian

'As good as TV drama gets' - Heat Magazine

Programme Information

  • Genre: Drama

  • Subgenre: Series


  • Broadcaster: Channel 4 UK

  • Duration: 10 x 60'
    1 x 90' Christmas Special

  • Tags: Drama Comedy Award winning Series 2

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