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No Angels - Season 1


Kate, Beth, Lia and Neeta. Four nurses from Leeds, all in their 20s. They work hard and play hard. Their motto: don’t bring your work home with you, you’re not paid enough. But that’s the joy of nursing: after hours, your time’s your own...

These girls are nurses, but they’re no Angels. A new generation, they are uncynical and up against it, happily single, sexually predatory, driven by friendship and unwilling to defer to men.

On the wards, this is reflected in their battles with (middle class) male doctors who’ve got a long way swallowing a textbook whole. Traditionally, nurses allowed doctors to take the credit for much of the work they did. But our nurses aren’t playing the game any more. And if they’re not prepared to massage doctors’ egos on the wards, don’t even think about the bedroom. Nursing may be a shit job – but the nurses’ camaraderie transforms life on the wards. There’s a constant flow of banter. Gallows humour. Piss-taking. And after a 12-hour shift of shit, sick and blood, going out and getting wasted is the only sane thing to do.

On occasion, we’ll see how the job can sometimes puncture this sympathetic detachment, exposing emotions that can only be buried by a night of pure hedonism. Because when you deal with life, death and institutional lunacy on a daily basis, you learn not to get involved. A one night stand is a lot less painful than falling in love. But sometimes happiness means letting your guard down. Sometimes you just can’t say no…

Also available:

Series 2: 8 x 60'

Series 3: 8 x 60'

“Funny, touching and raucous” – Heat

“Enticing, blackly comic drama series’” - Independent on Sunday

“Vibrant and witty” - The Guardian

“Brilliant” - Daily Express

”No Angels is a warm, life-enhancing, funny and often bitter-sweet comedy.” - Daily Mail

Programme Information

  • Genre: Drama

  • Subgenre: Series


  • Broadcaster: Channel 4 UK

  • Duration: 10 x 50'

  • Tags: Drama Female

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