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Monarchy - Season 1


A complete history of the British monarchy

In a major television event, the greatest living authority on the subject, Dr David Starkey presents a complete history of the British Monarchy. Over three series, he tells the epic and bloody stories of our great Kings and Queens and charts the course of the oldest surviving political institution in Europe. Dr Starkey explores the dynamic relationship between monarchy and people from 400 and 1400AD: a relationship that has created English national identity and shaped Scotland and Wales; in short, forging the British nation. Starting with the creation of the first Saxon kings in the chaos of the Dark Ages, the series pushes on via the trauma of the Norman Conquest through to the glory days of Crecy and Agincourt, when English kings dominated the battlefields of Europe. Throughout, the series highlights the fertile relationship between Crown and people, which has, from earliest times, shaped British politics in a unique way. Dr Starkey illuminates the detail and colour in the lives of the extraordinary men who held the throne in medieval England, and the powerful women who supported and sometimes even overthrew them. He begins his history of the British monarchy in the violence and chaos of the Dark Ages. From a legendary world peopled by dragons and monsters a uniquely English idea of monarchy emerged, which was able to stand firm in the face of the Viking invasions.

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