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Interview with a Serial Killer


There is no doubt that Arthur Shawcross is a psychopath.

Found guilty of killing 2 children and 11 prostitutes his tales of cannibalism and mutilation have made him one of America's most notorious serial killers. That he killed 13 people by asphyxiation is certain.

Similarly, that he got sexual satisfaction from the attacks. But exactly what he did to his victims and why is not at all clear. His story has changed many, many times over the years. Has he exaggerated his cannibalism to gain media notoriety? Has he made up a history of child abuse and damaging wartime experiences to gain sympathy? Is he simply a man that even now, despite having spent 17 years in prison, is unable to accept responsibility for his horrific crimes? One person that seems willing to look past his crimes and his tall tales is his daughter, Margaret Deming. She only discovered that Shawcross was her father in 2000 but has embraced their relationship and even allows him to play grandfather to her 7 kids. Interview wtih a Psycho intereviews Shawcross as well as Margaret in an effort to find out the truth.

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