About DRG

Welcome To DRG

DRG is one of the leading independent distributors of content in the world.

We deliver the advantage of representation by a large distributor yet provide the specialist service that fits the unique requirements of an individual programme.

We recognise and embrace the challenges and opportunities created by the digital revolution. We adopt a 360° approach to rights exploitation and are constantly seeking innovative ways to maximise the value of client’s content.

Our commitment is simple: to be passionate about the programmes we offer; to be innovative in our marketing approach; to sell hard; to be clearly accountable.

DRG operates just two key activities: we acquire programmes from producers and other content owners; we sell programmes to broadcasters and other distribution outlets.

Within the group, we have the expertise and contacts to maximise the value of content and rights in a rapidly evolving, multiplatform world. We recognise that the old funding and business models are changing and we are leaders in the innovation of production financing, content distribution and rights exploitation. Backed by Modern Times Group, we have a strong creative track record with the ability to fund and enable early stage project development.

We work with the widest range of clients, from independent producers to international TV networks, from web developers to ISPs and social networks and from individual talent to media agencies and global brands.

With our head office in Covent Garden, but operating around the world, our multi-lingual sales and acquisitions teams are supported by a streamlined back office with finance, marketing, delivery and legal services under one roof. This enables us to provide fast and efficient service to our clients.

Our state of the art content management systems offer swift and efficient royalty reporting and producer payments while our marketing department provides both general and specific market analysis. In addition, we offer a licensing and merchandising service and a bespoke consultancy business for advertiser funded programming and brand support.

If you are a producer or content owner, come and talk to us at any stage in the creative process. If you are a broadcaster or operate the means to reach a consumer, then we are sure there is something for you within the content on this site.

Richard Halliwell CEO

Richard joined DRG from his role as Commercial Director for Entertainment Formats at BBC Worldwide. In this capacity he ran the global hit entertainment format Dancing With The Stars from 2009 to 2013, a period that saw the roll out of that format into over 40 international markets. He has a background in digital media, format/programme sales, AFP and brand management for some of the biggest shows in global TV including Dancing With The Stars and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. At DRG Richard is responsible for day to day operations and ensuring consistent over delivery for our clients and content partners.