From BAFTA-winning writer/director Peter Kosminsky (The Government Inspector, Warriors), a gritty and unflinching contemporary thriller about two young British Muslims, a brother and a sister, forced to confront who they are as a hunt rages to uncover an active terrorist cell in mainland Britain. Sohail is desperate to become more British and finds himself working for MI5. His first assignment is to assist in tracking down a terrorist cell linked to the July 7th London Bombers.

The enquiry leads him back to his own community in Bradford where no one, not even his closest friends, are above suspicion. Unsure if he is being used to entrap his own, Sohail is forced to question where his loyalties really lie; with the Pakistani Muslim community or with the country of his birth, England. Unlike her brother, Nasima is deeply suspicious of the British establishment and spends much of her time campaigning against repressive government policies. 

The turning point is when her best friend kills herself after being abused whilst under arrest for falling foul of the anti-terrorist laws. Nasima is forced to question her liberal views and embarks on an extraordinary journey that eventually takes her to a terrorist training camp in north-west Pakistan. In the gripping finale, mirrored in both parts, Sohail's investigation and Nasima’s new radicalised path collide, underlining all too clearly the dangers inherent in the government's anti-terror laws. Starring Riz Ahmed, Manjinder Wirk, Chinna Wodu, Mary Stockley

A MENTORN FILMS LTD production for Not Applicable