On paper, it looks like the ideal job – how hard can it be to work short days, take long holidays and look after a group of kids all day? Then there’s the reality...

Teachers is the story of Simon and his mid-life crisis, despite the fact that he is only 27. Not wishing to commit to relationships, career or even consistency, Simon relies on excuses, misunderstandings and paranoia to get through each day. Along for the ride are drinking mates and fellow martyrs for the education system; Brian, Kurt and Susan, who help him through one crisis after another giving Simon support, shelter, and even the occasional alibi. And then there is Jenny...

Teachers tackles the sensitive issues along with the not so serious – and always with wit, style and humour. The story of what twenty-something teachers really get up to when there’s no school desk to hide behind.

Series 1 - Best Drama at the Indie Awards
Series 1 - nominated for Best Drama Series at the RTS Awards
Series 2 - nominated for Best Drama at the BAFTA Awards and Monte Carlo Festival

Also Available:
Series 2: 10 x 60'
Series 3: 13 x 60'
Series 4: 9 x 60'  

A TIGER ASPECT PRODUCTIONS LTD production for Channel 4


'Sharp, clever, stylish' Heat  'It’s fantastic – relaxed, super-confident and with that American style TV skill of making all the characters as funny and engagi.....

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Series 1 averaged at over 2 million viewers, over 14% market share.
Series 2, 3 and 4 averaged at over 2.6 million viewers, peaking at 19% market share.

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