15 To 1 (Fifteen-To-One) - FORMAT

The classic ruthless elimination quiz show.

15 to 1 is a game of knowledge, strategy and nerve where contestants strive to remain in the game by answering questions correctly but aim to eliminate their opponents by forcing them to answer the questions instead. 

Each contestant has three lives - they can get just three questions wrong before they are out of the game. Every time a contestant answers a question correctly, they get to choose the person to answer the next question. This allows strong players to pick on the weaker ones to try and remove them from the game. The contestants are eliminated one-by-one until just three are left to go into the final. 

This brilliant, high-tension end game sees three players go head to head in a battle for survival by amassing as many points as possible without losing their three lives. Do they answer a question or nominate another player to answer? The highest scoring survivor wins.

Key Format Points
Each 30-minute programme is self-contained - shows do not have to be shown in the order recorded.

Shows can be transmitted daily, weekly, or on an occasional basis.

Prizes can be awarded according to the territory requirements.

Winners can win cash or set prizes.

In some territories the show can also be interactive allowing viewers to play along at home.

Another key flexible point to the format is the number of contestants that take part in each show – this can be adjusted according to the needs of a territory or broadcaster, but ten is the minimum number for the show to work properly.

The format of each show is identical no matter how many contestants begin. In Greece there are 10 contestants; in the United Kingdom the norm is 15, but for an end-of-the-20th Century Special, one show began with 25 contestants.

The series ran for 15 years in the UK for 35 series.

The return of 15 To 1

Fifteen celebrities battled it out during the return of the infamous elimination quiz show. This celebrity special saw the host, Adam Hills play quiz master amongst the likes of Jonathan Ross and Eamonn Holmes hoping to win tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

As part of Channel 4’s 80’s nostalgia night 15 To 1 saw its return on Friday 20th September in the prime time slot of 8pm.

15 To 1 Worldwide

Germany: 15 To 1 broadcasts in Germany under the title“Jeder Gegen Jeden.” The format could be seen on Sat 1 from 1996– 2001 and showed an average improved share from its lead- in by 40% for individuals 3+ and 74% for women 

Poland: The Polish version of 15 To 1, “Jeden Z Dziesieciu,” was produced by Action Time Ltd and aired on TVP2 from 2000. It consistently outperformed the avg. market share of TVP by over 30% the show has been continuously successful within Poland and 30 series have been made to date.

Greece: “Deke me Tono,” the Greek version of 15 To 1, aired on Antenna from 1997-1999.

Sweden: SVT, Sweden, began airing 15 To 1 as ‘Vem vet mest’ (‘Who Knows Best’) from 25th August 2008, broadcasting weekdays at 19.00 with 12 contestants and a weekly final. 928 episodes so far with the next series to reach the formats 1000th episode! This is regularly the highest rating programme on SVT2 and continues to be produced.

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