Symptom, The - FORMAT

What will be diagnosed from The Symptom?

The Symptom is a real life scenario game show, where aspiring doctors put their classroom theory into practise. Three unique teams of medical students, have the highly pressured task to diagnose a patient with the correct disease through analysing the various symptoms. Contestants have the alternative option to choose methods to help define the problem through specific lab tests or specialist consultant advice. However, for each lab test or consultation points are deducted from the team.

The show takes place in an amazing medical theatre set taking the audience into the world’s highest technology laboratory on screen.  The Software utilized in the The Symptom is exactly the same as used by professionals in the field.

Moreover, the show is presented by a big name TV host and doctor who help explain and comment on the most complex information to help the viewers. 

The specialist will end the show by explaining, describing and judging which team has produced the correct analysis from their investigation.   After all investigations and diagnosis the team who has the most remaining points win’s The Symptom and get’s to choose the foundation in which they wish to donate the cash prize to.

A Group M Productions production for Starlight S.r.l.