Choccywoccydoodah: Season 3

Back for a third season... What will they think of next?

The Choccywoccydoodah team are back for another 10 part series, creating chocolate mayhem and mischief wherever they go! As the nights draw in and chocolate becomes the food of choice, it’s time to be inspired by some truly spectacular creations.

The Doodahs have plenty of orders to keep them busy from Autumn to Christmas. From a wondrous Stag’s Head inspired cake design to be auctioned at a celebrity fundraiser with A-listers Ronnie Wood and Manolo Blahnik, to a really, really Wicked cake, where the cast of Choccy get to hang out with the cast of this glittering West End Musical. And that’s just for starters!

As the season rolls on we attend a whirl of society do’s and glamorous parties, meet the great and the good, from royal dignitaries to A-listers and somewhere inbetween! There’s plenty to entertain and raise an eyebrow or two....

The season ends with an episode called "Onwards and Upwards" where we see Christine's plans to expand into London, and Dave gets his good spirit on, using his talents as a chocolatier to raise money for a homeless charity. 

A Twofour Broadcast Ltd production for UKTV (UK)


Episode 1 of Choccywoccydoodah Season 3 broadcast on 2nd July 2012 at 9pm on Good Food and exceeded the average for the time slot, achieving 29,000 viewers and a 0.13% share.  The average for the channel sits at 17,000 and 0.07% share.

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