Injustice - FORMAT

When justice breaks down, all the rules change

Injustice is a psychological thriller that tackles a universal question… Indeed it’s at the heart of every country’s legal system. How does a defence barrister live with himself if he finds out that his client is guilty?

William Travers is just such a man. Famous for defending the underdog, he is recovering from a nervous breakdown and the complete uprooting of his family and his work. When we meet him, he is working on low-level, cases away from the big city.

His life is thrown off balance a second time when he happens to see a figure from the past across a station platform. At the same time, an old university friend asks him to defend him for a murder he swears he didn’t do. Travers finds himself plunged into a conspiracy that stretches far beyond the courtroom while fighting off the forces that may once again destroy him.

Injustice is a complex, nail-biting drama… an examination of morality on many levels. It takes the audience on a journey full of surprises until it reaches a devastating conclusion.

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Injustice Films Ltd. production for ITV