Inbetweeners, The - Season 2

The Inbetweeners has returned for a much anticipated second series, with just as many embarrassing mishaps and failed seduction attempts as the British Comedy Award-winning first series. 

The critically celebrated prime time comedy series follows the misadventures of four suburban teenager’s intent on having a good time, jumping school and trying to get in the underwear of their much savvier female peers.  

This second season is centred around four hapless friends at Rudge Park comprehensive school, all desperately trying to work out how to be cool, and more importantly lose their virginity. There’s Will, still attempting to adapt to the comprehensive school life which was thrust upon him when his parents divorced and took him out of private education. 
At his side are Simon, still hopelessly besotted with Carli D'Amato, and Jay, whose stories of impressive exploits and sexual conquests are just a little too fantastical to believe. Making up the quartet is Neil, an easy going lad who is not exactly the brains of the outfit, and whose dad is definitely not gay. 

This series sees our gang of lovable buffoons partake in the rite of passage that is the Rudge Park field trip to Swanage, get a taste of the “real world” during work experience week, brave the bright lights of London for a disastrous night of clubbing, and experience the joys of community service whilst undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Alongside this they’ll have to battle with making Will’s birthday a success, and getting through the end of term exams, neither of which are without their obstacles.

A Bwark Productions production for Channel 4


'Deliciously vile' -The Guardian 'What was astonishing was that it made me laugh. Not just once but quite a lot, repeatedly...the script is tight and witty and filthy and doesn.....

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Best New TV Comedy, British Comedy Awards 2008 Best Male Comedy Newcomer (Simon Bird) British Comedy Awards 2008 Best New British TV Sitcom, The Awards 2008 Best Comedy Show, TV Quick & TV Choice Awards 2009 Nominated for Best Situation Comedy, British Academy Television Awards 2009 Best TV Show, NME Awards 2010 Nominated for Best Situation Comedy, British Academy Television Awards 2010 YouTube Audience Award, British Academy Television Awards 2010 Best Situation Comedy, Rose d'Or Awards 2010 Best Sitcom, British Comedy Awards 2011 Digital Choice National Television Awards 2011 Nominated for Best Scripted Comedy, Royal Television Society (RTS) Awards 2011 Nominated for Best Comedy, Broadcasting Press Guild TV Awards 2011 Nominated for Best Male Performance - James Buckley, BAFTA TV Awards 2011 Winner - Best Comedy Series - Broadcast Awards 2012

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The Inbetweeners, Series 1, aired from Thursday 1st May 2008 at 10pm on E4:

Episode 1: 295,900 viewers, 1.69% market share
Episode 2: 321,300 viewers, 2.30% market share
Episode 3: 305,300 viewers, 1.80% market share
Episode 4: 436,300 viewers, 2.53% market share
Episode 5: 432,300 viewers, 2.50% market share
Episode 6: 422,000 viewers, 2.28% market share

The Inbetweeners, Series 1 re-run, aired from Thursday 14th May 2009 at 10pm on E4:
Episode 1: 638,100 viewers, 3.35% market share
Episode 2: 563,000 viewers, 3.03% market share
Episode 3: 528,000 viewers, 2.60% market share
Episode 4: 620,000 viewers, 2.99% market share
Episode 5: 653,000 viewers, 3.30% market share
Episode 6: 591,700 viewers, 3.01% market share

The Inbetweeners, Series 2, aired from Thursday 2nd April at 10pm on E4:
Episode 1: 1.21 million viewers, 6.40% market share
Episode 2: 1.18 million viewers, 6.04% market share
Episode 3: 1.05 million viewers, 5.25% market share
Episode 4: 1.02 million viewers, 5.44% market share
Episode 5: 1.21 million viewers, 6.50% market share
Episode 6: 1.21 million viewers, 6.44% market share

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