Di's Guys

Diana, Princess of Wales, was a man's woman. She understood the power of her charisma and sexuality; attributes she used throughout her life to devastating effect.

As the royal marriage unravelled, the names of some of the men with whom she was intimate became well known. But Diana could never have had a private life without a team of trusted advisers and friends - her so called 'A team' - behind her. It comprised bodyguards, beauticians and butlers; national newspaper editors, elder statesmen and fellow world 'A' list celebrities.

A two-part series, Di's Guys talks to some of the inner circle she trusted to shape both her private life and public role. The first programme explores the sense of betrayal which pervaded Diana's life from childhood, and which continued into her marriage. Di's Guys helps reveal what made this extraordinary woman tick, and helps answer some of the questions about Diana's hold on men, and their hold on her.

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