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Today we are delighted to announce that seasoned industry executive Elin Thomas will be joining our business as our first ever executive vice president of sales, while Emilie Kleinmann arrives at the same time to become a senior sales manager.

 Elin Thomas was most recently director of global sales for Passion Distribution and before that director of global formats for BBC Worldwide, where she was responsible for the rollout of global brands such as Great British Bake Off and Dancing with the Stars. At DRG she will oversee the our growing sales operation, reporting directly into managing director Richard Halliwell. She will also manage the UK territory on a day-to-day basis, as well as relationships with key global clients.

 Emilie Klienmann, a former sales manager for ARTE France, will locate to London to become senior sales manager for France and Germany. Emilie brings with her a wealth of experience, particularly in the documentary and factual entertainment space.

 Richard Halliwell comments: “Elin is one of the most experienced and professional senior executives working in distribution today, so we are very excited to welcome her to the team. A flatter, more regionally based team structure has served us well over the past few years, with revenue growing dramatically, but in order for this to continue we needed to evolve our approach to sales and reflect the current direction of our expanding business. It will always be vital to retain specific territory knowledge – and that is why we have employed an expert such as Emilie - but now with more global operators, and a rapidly changing marketplace, we needed a team head who could look more strategically and holistically at the opportunities for our content – and thereby our producer clients – and ensure that we are always in a position to fully maximize revenues and effectively grow programme brands.”

 These two new appointments are the latest additions to a re-modeled and growing team, which also welcomed Jo Halstead and Amity Easter Utley in November 2016.

 Elin Thomas adds: “DRG has given me a fantastic opportunity by creating this new position. It’s rare to join a company and not step into somebody else’s shoes so it is really stimulating – and challenging - to start with a clean sheet. I’ve worked at both big and small companies and DRG appealed as it offers the best of both; a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment and independent feel, but with the financial support and backing of the Modern Times Group.”

 In line with these new appointments and re-focusing of the sales team, two SVPs – Joel Atley and Scott Kirkpatrick, have taken on additional responsibilities: Atley’s remit has expanded to cover Northern Europe and Central and Eastern Europe along with Asia Pacific, while Kirkpatrick now oversees Western Europe, in addition to North and South America. Both will report directly into Elin Thomas.