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Best Friend Rehab is a factual entertainment series in which a group of friends nominate one of their closest mates for ‘rehab’.

For some time the behaviour of a friend has been worrying the rest of the group. Perhaps they can’t move on from an ex-boyfriend or they’ve turned into a workaholic with no time for friends or life; they might binge drink to dangerous levels, or have become so obsessed by how much they weigh they’ve lost all perspective on life. Whatever the problem, the friends are at the end of their tether and have decided enough’s enough. Cue a surprise intervention where the friends hit the rehabber with a reality check. The rehabber has been lured to a neutral location thinking they’re here to take part in a show about friendship. But as they enter the intervention ‘cell’, they’re faced with some uncomfortable home truths.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Factual Entertainment

  • Subgenre: Relationships

  • Producers: MONKEY KINGDOM

  • Broadcaster: Five

  • Duration: 8 x 60'

  • Tags: Relationship Health Rehab Series

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