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A new original chat show format where an interview goes on for a solid 24 hours! There are no interruptions and no distractions.

For the first time on television reality mixes with chat show. The interview is held in a large white room with nothing in it except two comfy reclining chairs. There’s a celebrity on one of them – a host on the other. They chat and the whole experience is recorded – for 24 hours. This is the absolute opposite of a typical celebrity interview – no hype, just real chat and a chance to really get to know the star. Even if the guest falls asleep, the host will remain awake, staring at them until they wake up at which point, another question will be sent their way. This is a fresh, simple and fascinating look at celebrities who ordinarily offer no more than an on-screen façade. Celebrities confirmed in the U.K produced series include Stan Collymore and David Gest.

Programme Information

  • Genre: Factual Entertainment

  • Subgenre: Celebrity

  • Producers: Hideous Productions & Two Four

  • Broadcaster: ITV

  • Duration: 5 x 30'

  • Tags: Celebrity Talk Show Interview

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